Sunday, August 21, 2022

High Quality Cheap Tuxedos/Suits Selling on Shopee

I was looking for a 3 set tuxedo on Shopee and Lazada. Then I realized, many 3 set Tuxedos are selling for less than RM100 on Shopee.

These Tuxedos can't be compared to premium brand Tuxedos which costs thousands of dollars, but for the Malaysian Climate, these suits are comfortable to wear even during hot weather.

Here are a list of the Top Selling Slim Fit Tuxedos on Shopee;

These Tuxedos sells thousands a month on Shopee, and also have hundreds of reviews including pictures and videos.

Great place to check out if you are looking for a Tuxedo selling for cheap!!

POST PURCHASE NOTE: Do Note these Tuxedos materials are thin, and the size varies according to sellers. Please visit your local tailor if you require a proper Tuxedo made with high quality material.

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Usmile Electronic Toothbrush Y1S - Review

This toothbrush weighs 136grams, and is waterproof with IPX7 certification. The battery is 2500mAh and it takes 5 hours for a full charge. A single full-charge for the battery would power the toothbrush for 180 days of use.

Buyers are advised to check the product for defects upon receiving the product. If there is quality issues with the product within one year of the purchase, Usmile will replace the product based on the warranty terms and conditions. Wear and tear from normal or rough use is not eligible for replacement, only manufacturing defects can be claimed for warranty.

It has a skin friendly texture for a comfortable grip and touch.

Package Content:
1X Brush Handle
1X Brush Head PRO (pink, grey, blue)
1X Brush Head SOFT (pink, grey, blue)
2X Brush Head PRO (Van Gogh Green only)
1X Type-C Cable
1X Chinese User Manual (Manual in English is available for the English Version of the product)
1X FMCG Sample Box (toothpaste*1, dental floss*18, mouth wash*4)

Usmile Y1S is available at Usmile Official Lazada Store for below RM300.

Saturday, June 4, 2022

XUNDD Accessories - High Quality & Durability

XUNDD is a Chinese mobile phone accessory maker based in China that makes cases, screen protectors and other accessories for popular smartphone models. 

XUNDD is the go-to brand for high quality and durable phone cases. The brand XUNDD makes phone cases for almost all phone brands in the market. 

Most XUNDD cases are;

1) Lightweight and Slim
Does not bulk your phone

2) With Bumper Protection
TPU frame to offer impact protection and shock adsorption function, it will be a good partner when you are walking, running, travelling, doing housework

3) With Camera Protection
With Raised bezel edge than camera will keep your Phone camera from scratches, bumps and scuffs when you put it down

Main features of XUNDD cases;

XUNDD cases are Durable, Lightweight, Slim And Highly Transparent Clear.

It has Scratch Prevention To Protect Your Phone From Scratches Or Damage.

It is shockproof, Anti Drop, Dirt Resistant And Non Sticky.

It has been Precisely Cutout To Provide Easy Access To All Functional Button And Ports.

I has a Lens Protector With 0.8 mm Higher Than The Camera To Protect And Prevent Camera Lens From Any Scratching.

XUNDD store is available in Lazada here. Most of their accessories goes for less than RM50.

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Enchanteur Perfume - Sensual Noir Eau de Parfum 50ml

Enchanteur is a French perfume brand which believes in the beauty of romance and its transformative power to add new dimension and colour to people's lives.

Launched in 1989, Enchanteur has evolved together with young woman all over the world providing quintessentially French inspired fragrances & toiletries specially curated for woman of all stages of life and yet stay true to its roots.

Enchanteur Makes Every Moment Special 
Ladies in Enchanteur target market are modern, capable and confident, yet when she is with her partner or someone potential, she would love to receive appreciation, and attention for who she is, and she is not afraid to initiate moves to trigger. Enchanteur continues to play its part as your trusted co-conspirator in making every moment special at every knocking opportunity.

There are a wide array of Enchanteur products for varying demographic and psychographic needs of its users - Enchanteur, Enchanteur Chic and Enchanteur Luxe.

You may view Enchanteur entire range of products in Wipro Unza Store in Lazada

Saturday, May 28, 2022

KEMEI Hair Clipper KM1407 3in1 (Blockbuster Sales)

Hair clippers are definitely essential in our day to day use. There are clippers which cost thousands of dollars, while the are clippers which cost only a few dollars which has the same functions.

I found a clipper in Lazada which costs only RM20, which have functions like a premium clipper. This specific clipper has done tens of thousands in sales from one seller alone. 

It has a carbon steel cutter head, fits the skin, does not decay due to rusting, does not hurt the skin and trims quickly and conveniently.

It comes with 4 length limit combs, and the user is free to adjust the length limit. Nose hair can also be trimmed with this cutter, and it does not hurt the inner nose skin.

It comes in black colour. It weighs 131grams, takes 8 hours to be fully charged, and it comes with a cleaning brush, user manual and charging cable. It works for 60 minutes on a full charge. It is also silent while in use, means users would not need to endure a noisy clipper while trimming.

For a clipper as functional like this, the price tag is definitely a bargain. It is available at Lazada for RM 20.